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The Bedside Drama [entries|friends|calendar]

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[30 Apr 2014|11:32pm]
I'm anticipating no one reading this, and I hope that that's the case.

My life is generally good.
So much has changed that I'm not sure how to begin...
The man in the most recent photo (2012) is going to be my husband. I'm going to get married. I'm going to be a wife.
He's kind, and loving, and supportive.

I'm overwhelmed by the huge number of things I want to say.
I moved from NYC back to PHL, had an awesome job that turned sour, lost that job and am now working in a place where I feel welcomed and appreciated. Like I said, life is good.

I don't think I'm happy. It's not caused by anything or anyone. I've spent a lot of time lately thinking about death. About killing myself. Not in a "I'm going to do it" way, but it's been on my mind. I don't know why. There's no instigation. There's nothing. But I'm thinking about it.
I needed to put that thought somewhere so it will be real and I can deal with it.

I should be happy, and most of the time I am happy, but then I have these inexplicable thoughts and I don't know how I feel or why.

[22 Aug 2012|10:40pm]
I'm full of love and life and beauty non-stop.
I have the best life <3

[26 May 2012|03:03pm]
I just realized I haven't actually updated in forever.
I'm living in NYC, working in Manhattan as an Account Manager for an Apple company and loving my fucking life.

The initial part of the move was lonely and, to be frank, I was miserable.
Igor and I ended things and are now on non-speaking terms, which is for the better. Toward the end I didn't love him and ended up starting to really dislike him. Talking to him was just enabling us to make each other miserable, so I said some really mean stuff and now we're not talking.
I'm not complaining.

Things are genuinely good.
I'm going to Bonnaroo in a couple of weeks and I COULD NOT BE MORE EXCITED!
My life is fucking amazing.

[24 Feb 2012|12:07am]
I am the luckiest person in the universe.

[16 Jan 2012|07:18pm]
wwwwwhhhhhhhhoooooo ccccaaaaaarrrreeeessssss

life is good*** ^_^

Soon [27 Dec 2011|05:38pm]
Life is too fucking good right now.
New York rocks! I'm in PA atm with my family, but my birthday was awesome, Christmas was awesome and everything else in general is awesome.
I want this job and waiting to find out if I get it is KILLING ME!

Waiting. [02 Dec 2011|12:41am]
I'm sick of waiting for my life to start.
I'm finding someone to take over my lease and I'm moving to New York. Probably going to stay with Jay Dressler until I find a job and then move in with Igor or strangers from Craigslist. Let's hope the former.

I'm applying to jobs like mad and hoping for the best!

I just want to live.

[26 Nov 2011|08:46pm]
Maybe I should update this thing every so often.

TV schedule! [25 Sep 2011|08:23pm]
So much good TV: EST

Sunday: 9 Boardwalk Empire, 10 Breaking Bad/Dexter (next week!)
Monday: 8 How I Met Your Mother
Wednesday: 8 Modern Family
Thursday: 8 Archer, 10 It's Always Sunny


Oh, Lately [19 Sep 2011|10:09pm]
Lately, I don't think of you at all
Or wonder what you're up to, or how you're getting on
I never think of calling you, or how things could have been
Or wonder where you sleep at night, or whose arms you wake in

I'm living alone, living alone
I don't need you anymore
Living alone, living alone
I don't need you anymore

I don't get lost in daydreams
I never lay awake at night staring in my bed
And I don't think about your face or anything you've said
And I don't think twice when someone says your name
Or twist my mind in circles wondering which of us to blame

I'm living alone, living alone
I don't need you, anymore
Living alone, living alone
I don't need you anymore

I never walk alone and think of all the empty words
Or wonder when the day will break, or when the tides will turn
And I don't break down when someone says your name
Or twist my mind in circles wondering which of us to blame

I'm living alone, living alone
I don't need you anymore
Living alone living alone
I don't need you anymore

Lately I don't think of you at all
Oh, lately

the Helio Sequence

[30 Aug 2011|12:32am]
JUST got home (back in Phila) from Disney World. I need a vacation from my vacation! Whew! Go back to Nebraska on Friday. Can't wait!

Dream [13 Jul 2011|12:14pm]
Last night I had a dream about nothing and all sorts of things.
I was basically at a quary that wasn't very deep and I was with my usual group of friends we had come there to swim and on one side was nature and on the other side built into the rock was a mall and stuff like that. so a girl jumped into the water but jumped onto a rock and ended up being fine even though she should have been dead. she broke the water and then boats came from nowhere and apparently there had been an oil spill and the water was full of it. so a few friends where down in the water on a boat and these other people on boats must have been criminals cos my friends kept saying dont shoot dont shoot! so suddenly i was in the water and i was on a boat being pushed almost as if it had a motor but it didnt because that would have set the water on fire, and we came to a small place where we could get off the boat (me and another girl) by climbing the wall. we got out feeling very anxious but at the top were andrew and kate just sitting and watching everything. then i was in the mall looking for something, dont recall what, and ended up in like, a vip box (as if i was in a stadium) watching everything happening in the quarry, except it was much higher and everything was frozen and cold. I specifically remember Ethan being there and talking about the cold. he was sitting alone in the box talking to himself about someone named Brad? so i went inside in the dark in the mall and found a store, I was looking for vinyl toys, but the walls were bare and there were just two cases shaped like an L with a woman standing behind... so I left and on the way out noticed a get well card for the employees and thought that that was strange. I went back to the box and noticed that while everything was frozen, the water had caught fire.

I woke up then.

Totally weird.

Sorry for the terrible punctuation, I was writing stream of conscience and don't feel like editing.
I've been sleeping TERRIBLY since I moved, but once we move into the house things should be better!
On that note, we found a gorgeous house that's being renovated. The basement used to be an apartment so we literally have 2 full kitchens.
I am so happy to be back. I absolutely love it here. I'm auditing a web design class, which starts tonight. Should be great!

Moving back to Lincoln on 6/30 [26 Jun 2011|06:40pm]
Can't remember the last time I was so satisfied and sure about a decision I am making.

Also, my life is fucking awesome at the moment.
Shoot 1

[21 May 2011|12:34am]
I love my friends with all of my being.

TONIGHT WE DINE IN HELL!!! [29 Apr 2011|12:49pm]
I'm seeing Of Montreal and I COULD NOT be more excited!

summer [25 Apr 2011|04:11pm]
My final project for my typography class is basically driving my life.
I can't pick a topic; I thought I was gonna do it about the instruments in the Orchestra, but now I kind of want it to be autobiographical... just like, a piece of work that represents me as a person. I feel like that may be a little too wacky, though. Not enough focus? I dono.

We'll see how it turns out.

Everything else is going. I don't feel so shitty. I'm even feeling good... it's definitely the weather! I fucking LOVE IT!

[10 Apr 2011|04:48pm]
I have the most amazing, supportive, loving friends anyone could ever ask for; I am so lucky!

without it [31 Mar 2011|06:39pm]
holcombe waller

[21 Mar 2011|04:55pm]
When will the tattoo fad die?

[18 Mar 2011|03:05pm]
My face. Will not. Lose weight. WTF
Shoot 3

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